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Happy Wheat Germ User: Meet Anna Ginsberg

Food blogger Anna Ginsberg is no stranger to the joys of wheat germ—she used to sprinkle it on cereal when she was a teenager. Now with a family and a busy schedule, Anna is dreaming up good things to make and bake using wheat germ again.

She describes the results of her cooking adventures in Cookie Madness, which she says is “a collection of recipes I’ve been making the last five or six years, plus a few hotel reviews and trip reports thrown in for good measure.” We asked her about the method to her madness:

Does your family love the fact that you make cookies all the time?

I do love baking, but try to balance the sweets and treats with a very healthy diet.

How high is healthy eating on your priority list?

I believe in achieving a healthy balance, so while I write about cookie baking, I’m always sure to eat nutrient-dense meals that are generally high in protein and not too high in calories.

What is the most challenging New Year’s resolution you made for 2013?

To eat more wheat germ! Just kidding. But I always try to keep my resolutions fun.

What are some dishes you love to make for you and your family?

My family really loves homemade soups, chili and interesting vegetable dishes. They don’t have quite as ravenous a sweet tooth as I do, which is probably a good thing. My favorite things to bake are quick breads, cookies, cakes and muffins, but we sometimes get overloaded. Sometimes I send them to my husband’s office; his coworkers love that. 

What do you like about wheat germ, and what’s your favorite way to eat it?

I started eating wheat germ because I’d heard it was healthy, but mostly I just liked the flavor and texture it added. Right now my favorite thing is to sprinkle it on peanut butter toast in the mornings.  

What’s something that not many people know about wheat germ?

I think people realize it’s a powerhouse, but may not know just how much of a superfood it really is. For instance, I just found out it contains Omega 3s. 

Do you ever talk about wheat germ to fellow bakers, friends and family?

Yes, mostly when I make granola for people. I always include wheat germ in my granola recipes because it adds flavor, fiber and acts as a binder. 

What’s the next thing you are going to try using wheat germ as an ingredient?

The latest creation was a Cookie Brittle made with wheat germ. And I’d like to try incorporating it into more savory dishes such as turkey meat loaf and chili. However, most likely the next thing I’ll use it in are the Baked Chicken Fingers with Honey Mustard from your recipe collection. I just printed the recipe!