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Healthy Brunch Alternatives

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and with it a delicious excuse to sleep in a bit and enjoy a mid-morning brunch. If you’ve decided to make it yourself this year (or enlist your family) rather than pay a lot of money to wait in line for lukewarm food, try these healthy alternatives for a guilt-free moms day.

Instead of this: Try this: Why?
Eggs Benedict with hollandaise sauce Poached eggs on whole wheat English muffins topped with a slice of smoked salmon and chopped chives. Serve a mixed green salad on the side if you’re having your meal later in the day. Skipping the hollandaise sauce reduces fat and saves calories. You’ll get heart-healthy omega 3s from the salmon and a protein boost from the eggs. A salad will help fill you up and boost your vitamin and mineral intake.
Cheesy sausage strata Wheat Germ Crepes with Spinach and Ricotta A strata can be a saturated fat and sodium disaster. Instead, these satisfying whole grain buckwheat crepes are made with part-skim ricotta and are a change from the ordinary brunch fare.
Quiche Spinach Frittata with Wheat Germ, Mushroom and Goat Cheese Skip the extra fat and calories from the crust in quiche and make a frittata with plenty of vegetables. You can save even more calories by using egg whites in place of some of the whole eggs.
Waffles with whipped cream and syrup Berry Delicious and Easy Wheat Germ Pancakes with fruit salad and fat-free plain yogurt Save the unnecessary saturated fat and calories from the whipped cream and instead make some fruit-filled pancakes with fresh fruit and yogurt. The fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in the fruit in addition to the protein from the yogurt will keep you satisfied longer.
Breakfast sandwich with bacon, eggs and cheese on a large roll or bagel Whole wheat toast topped with scrambled eggs, Canadian bacon and your favorite “real” cheese (like extra-sharp cheddar). Canadian bacon is lower in saturated fat than regular bacon, while whole grains have fiber and B vitamins to help you stay satiated longer. If you love cheese, choose “real” cheese, not processed, and one that’s full of flavor so you only need to add a thin slice.
Store-bought coffee cake or oversized muffins Pear Ginger Muffins with Wheat Germ or Raspberry Walnut “Not Just for Breakfast” Muffins Instead of buying your pastries, make them from scratch. Store-bought baked products typically contain trans fats. You can also control the portion size—a muffin from the store can pack a whopping 500 calories versus 140-160 calories when made by you. That’s a big savings!
Fried eggs and home fries Scrambled eggs with veggies and roasted sweet potatoes Home fries require a lot of oil to get crispy, and that equates to extra calories and fat. Try roasting sweet potatoes with a little olive oil for a vitamin A boost and no saturated fat. Add veggies to your eggs for more fiber, vitamins and minerals, and you’ll feel satisfied longer.
French toast with syrup and orange juice Oven-baked French toast with fresh fruit puree and orange slices Skip pan-frying French toast and bake it in the oven. Again, you’ll save calories by using less fat. Instead of drinking your calories, eat the whole fruit—the fiber is filling and it takes longer to eat than a beverage. Fresh fruit purees are nutrient dense—syrup is just more empty calories.