It’s Here: Granolapalooza | Kretschmer Wheat Germ
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It’s Here: Granolapalooza

Remember when “granola” was an adjective used to describe Birkenstock-wearing, nature-loving earthy types? Well, it’s time to clean out those culinary cobwebs because granola—in all its delicious oaty splendor—is back, and it’s the hippest thing since sliced . . . well, since quinoa.

Granola is taking the foodie world by storm. Chefs all around the country are rediscovering this malleable culinary delight with creations both sweet and savory, and store shelves are squeezed with new and different granola boxes fighting for space. Small-batch entrepreneurs look to make their own mark, and even student entrepreneurs who want to liven up college dorm food are getting in on the act.

We’re sure it’s no secret to you that Kretschmer Wheat Germ and granola of all types are excellent companions—a heaping spoonful of our wheat germ adds depth, deliciousness and even more health benefits to granolas. So we want to bring together granola lovers new and old to share fresh, fun and original ways to enjoy this versatile dish. Starting with our own homemade granola recipe, we'll be talking, pinning, tweeting and blogging about all things granola during the month of April. 

Join us!

We want to hear about your favorite ways to eat granola, see your homemade recipes, check out tantalizing granola pics and together discover new and different ways granola can rock the food lover’s world. Let us know via Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest (hashtag #granolapalooza) how you’re enjoying the retro renaissance of all things granola in our first Granolapalooza!