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Amazing Breakfasts Monday Through Friday

You got a great night’s sleep and are ready to take on the day. Don’t be tempted to gulp down a cup or two of coffee and call it “breakfast.” That first meal of the day is important for waking up your senses and giving you the energy you need to get your brain functioning and your body moving.

So what’s your excuse—too much trouble? Bored by breakfast cereals? Not to worry. We’ve come up with some fun ideas to inspire you to get up 10 minutes earlier, sit down at the table and eat something delicious before you face the day.


Instead of a prepackaged “energy” bar, start your day with some homemade granola made with Kretschmer Wheat Germ. Make it ahead of time and store it in a sealed jar; it should last for a few weeks. Sprinkle three or four tablespoons of granola over yogurt or pour it into a bowl with skim milk and some sliced banana for a healthy breakfast.


For a protein-packed breakfast, toast a corn tortilla with a slice of cheese, then roll it up with some fresh spinach, your favorite salsa and a scrambled egg. You’ll walk out the door completely satisfied.


Instead of the usual butter and jelly on toast, make your breakfast last longer with a tablespoon of peanut butter or almond butter, a teaspoon of honey or your favorite jelly and a sprinkle of wheat germ. It tastes best when the bread is warm and toasted, but if you’re in a pinch for time, prep it the night before and grab it from the fridge on your way out.


Take your oatmeal up a notch and instead of using oats, try other grains such as millet, corn, barley or wheat berries; add a sprinkle of wheat germ for more flavor and nutrients. If time is an issue, cook it the night before and warm it up in the morning. Add some fresh or frozen berries and hot milk, and you’ve got a hearty breakfast.


Smoked salmon on pumpernickel bread with a light spread of cream cheese is an easy and delicious breakfast. It’s also packed with heart-healthy fats. Try sprinkling a very thin layer of wheat germ between the salmon and the cream cheese.

If you aren’t hungry in the morning, you might be eating too much the night before. It may take practice to get used to eating something at the beginning of your day. Start light with an energy bar, a banana or a small yogurt and eventually you’ll be able to build up more of the calories you’re eating at the beginning of the day instead of at the end.