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Restaurant Chefs Get Creative with Granola

When we started our Granolapalooza earlier this month, we knew we’d find different and delicious ways to enjoy granola. With all the innovative recipes and creations out there, granola is easy to love in just about every meal of the day (though maybe not all on the same day!).

Restaurant chefs around the country are taking that creativity up a notch. A recent New York Times article gave us a taste of what inventive chefs are concocting with granola. Starting with a housemade granola, chef Jared Wentworth at Longman & Eagle in Chicago builds his granola brunch offering around dehydrated yogurt “leather.” In Philadelphia, Talula’s Garden experiments with savory granola, pairing it with goat cheese and even foie gras.

That’s not to say we’re turning our noses up at more traditional restaurant granola offerings. Far from it—we’re getting great ideas from some.

The Bunnery restaurant in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, entices diners with four different flavors of homemade granola: original, banana honey-nut, blueberry and cranberry-nut vanilla. It showcases its granola not just on the breakfast menu but on the dessert menu as well! There you’ll find the Fresh Fruit Salad with pineapple, cantaloupe, watermelon and honeydew melon topped with your choice of granola flavors—and cranberries, coconut and chocolate chips if you like. Home chefs can easily create a homespun version of this dish, with homemade granola and a sprinkling of Kretschmer Wheat Germ to top it off.

The Mission, a small chain of award-winning breakfast eateries in San Diego, not surprisingly offers granola on its menu. But instead of showcasing granola heaped in a bowl with milk, it adds granola to its Granola Banana Pancakes and Strawberry Granola Pancakes. Hmm . . . might have to try experimenting with granola in our Berry Delicious and Easy Wheat Germ Pancakes.

At The Smile in New York City, executive chef Melia Marden serves her granola creation—heavy on the pecans and almonds and mixed with extra-virgin olive oil—over Greek yogurt with chopped dried dates and figs “for a hint of North African flavor.”

As granola’s popularity continues to grow, keep an eye out for intriguing granola dishes at your favorite grub spots. And don’t forget to let us know if you find something amazing—at #granolapalooza on Twitter and Pinterest.