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Happy Wheat Germ User: Meet Mary Hartley

Registered dietitian Mary Hartley loves wheat germ — and not just for herself. As a master of public health and clinical nutritionist, Hartley has seen thousands of patients in her career, helping people through chronic diseases, obesity and eating disorders and recommending wheat germ along the way.

Her experience has led her to the belief that no one diet — and especially no fad diet — works for everyone. Instead, she encourages people to find a balanced diet that works with their lifestyle and preferences.

How do you help clients decide what diet works best for them?

For [clients], through careful interviewing. I also write about food and nutrition within the context of eating habits in America today.

What are the biggest challenges to getting people to eat a healthy diet? How do you combat these challenges?

Many people don’t have great cooking skills or take the time to cook. I explain the importance of eating a nutritious whole-food diet, and I help them find a few new recipes to go to again and again.

What are the 5 top foods you recommend people include in their diets?

Wheat germ, yogurt, lentils, nuts and green leafy vegetables (tied with citrus fruit).

What was your first experience with wheat germ?

My first encounter with a regular wheat germ eater took the form of a woman from Switzerland I met in my late teens. She ate wheat germ for breakfast mixed with avocado and honey or as part of muesli along with yogurt. 

What is your favorite what to incorporate wheat germ into your diet? 

I often eat muesli with wheat germ, milk and dried French apricots. I also like to add wheat germ to recipes for pancakes, muffins, veggie burgers and meatballs. My favorite Wheat Germ Bread is from Jane Brody’s Good Food Book via Kretschmer Wheat Germ a long time ago.

What’s a new way you’d like to try wheat germ?

I am always looking for good muffin recipes. A light and fluffy but low-fat and low-sugar fruity muffin is a beautiful thing.

If you want to make a couple great muffin recipes with wheat germ like Mary does, try our Raspberry Walnut “Not Just for Breakfast” Muffins or Pear Ginger Muffins with Wheat Germ. Let us know what you think!