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Hot Topic: Cauliflower

Move over kale, there’s a new hot food trend in town: cauliflower! Affordable, versatile and packed with nutrients, this powerful superfood has swept the nation. From celebrity chefs to food bloggers to home cooks, everyone is getting their hands on this delicious veggie. If you aren’t quite sure how to incorporate cauliflower into your diet, we have some tasty ideas to get you started as well as ways to incorporate toasted wheat germ to add texture and crunch. 

Throughout the country, restaurants are putting cauliflower front and center on their menus. In Chicago you’ll find it roasted at Girl and the Goat, home of chef Stephanie Izard of Top Chef fame. At Salvation Taco in New York City, Roberto Santibanez and April Bloomfield roast cauliflower and serve it in a tortilla with curried crema and fried curry leaves. Iron Chef winner Vitaly Paley roasts cauliflower in a wood-fired grill and serves it with a hearty chickpea stew topped with a soft-cooked egg at his restaurant in Portland, Oregon.

The next time you see cauliflower at your grocery store or local farmers market, grab a head and get creative with it. Our Crispy Cauliflower with a Twist combines parmesan cheese, wheat germ and raisins for a unique twist on a vegetable casserole. This Creamy Mac and Cheese gets a major vitamin boost by mashing an entire head of cauliflower into the comfort food classic. For even more texture and nutrients, sprinkle 1/4 cup of wheat germ on top before baking.

Speaking of health benefits, just one cup of cauliflower will provide close to a full day’s requirement of vitamin C and a hefty dose of folate, which has been proven to boost your mood. Cauliflower is also naturally low in calories and high in fiber, making it the perfect ingredient for adding volume to pastas, casseroles, soups and other traditionally high-calorie dishes.

What are your favorite cauliflower recipes? We would love to hear from you in the comments below!