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Top Ways Wheat Germ Can Help with Holiday Health

Staying healthy during the holidays can be challenging. Schedules packed with activities, most of which revolve around food, can lead to less sleep and less healthy eating. If this sounds familiar, you could be a target for the holiday health blahs at best, or full-blown sickness at worst.

Adding wheat germ to your diet during the holidays can help you maintain good health. You still need to watch your overall nutrition and get enough sleep, but the nutrients in wheat germ can help stave off certain ailments. Here’s how:

Fiber: Fiber-rich fresh vegetables and fruits often get lost in carb- and protein-rich holiday meals — or are left off the table altogether. Wheat germ allows you to boost the fiber content of your meals without having to eat huge servings. Adding just a couple tablespoons to your cereal, yogurt, granola or salad will help your digestion stay on track and also aid in defending against weight gain, high cholesterol, diabetes and heart disease.

Zinc: An important mineral, zinc promotes proper growth and development. It also aids the immune system to fight off diseases and viruses, which can be especially aggressive at this time of year. 

Sodium: The good news here? There is no sodium in wheat germ! Anyone battling hypertension knows that the holidays can be a sodium disaster, with super salty foods often the order of the day. Substituting wheat germ for bread crumbs in your holiday casserole toppings is just one way to cut the sodium content of your holiday meals. Check our quick wheat germ substitution chart or download our complete Substitution Guide to find more ways wheat germ can boost health by replacing other ingredients.

Vitamin E: Wheat germ is one of the best sources of this powerful antioxidant, providing 20 percent of the recommended daily allowance in just a 2-tablespoon serving. Vitamin E works with other antioxidants to prevent cell damage, which helps fight off heart disease and cancer.

B vitamins: One of the best ways B vitamins such as Thiamin, found in wheat germ, can help during the holidays is keeping your energy up. Pregnant women or those likely to become pregnant need plenty of another B vitamin, folate, to guard against birth defects and promote prenatal health. Keeping Kretschmer Wheat Germ handy during the holidays will help ensure you get all of these and many more of the most vital nutrients for good health.

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