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Boosting Nutrition in Dad’s Favorite Dishes

Father’s Day is almost upon us, and the dad in your life may be gearing up for a day or weekend of luxuriating in front of hockey or basketball playoffs with his favorite munchies. Even if the dads you know are more likely to be out on a mountain bike excursion than couch potatoing it, they’ll likely still want to indulge in some of their favorite foods when they’re done.

It’s no secret that some of dads’ favorite dishes are not the healthiest meals around. With Men’s Health Month underway, we’re offering some ways to lighten up—and even add a nutrition boost to—those indulgences without losing an ounce of taste.

Chicken wings: So cliché, you’re thinking. But really, who doesn’t know a dad who loves—is possibly even obsessed with—chicken wings, the spicier the better? We thought so.

When preparing chicken wings, don’t even think about pulling out that deep fryer. Wings taste great cooked on the grill or broiled or roasted in the oven. Baking with some salt, pepper and spices and coating the wings with warmed hot sauce at the end, like in these Lighter Buffalo Chicken Wings, slashes calories and still creates a satisfying dish. If you really want to push it, try cooking up a batch of these “not-quite” Buffalo wings. They keep the spice but use sliced chicken breast for the healthiest substitution we’ve seen. Our Baked Chicken Fingers with Honey Mustard Sauce aren’t exactly chicken wings, but they are a great substitute for deep-fried chicken strips, another dad favorite.

Finally, load up the platter with the requisite carrots and celery sticks, and instead of using full-fat blue cheese dressing, mix up some plain Greek yogurt, blue cheese crumbles and a couple tablespoons of Kretschmer Wheat Germ.

Chili and cornbread: This delicious combo can pile on the calories if you’re not careful. Instead of using fatty cuts of meat and baking butter-laced cornbread, try our Vegetarian Chile with Wheat Germ accompanied by this Buttermilk Cornbread. Both cut out much of the fat found in their more typical, higher-fat counterparts and add nutrition with plenty of vegetables and wheat germ.

Cheesy pizza: It’s hard to lighten up this favorite too much without losing flavor and texture. So instead of taking the good stuff out of this dish, we put more nutrition in by adding wheat germ in our Homemade Pizza with Wheat Germ Crust. Make it more fun by creating a make-your-own pizza bar with healthy toppings like roasted red peppers, artichoke hearts (nonmarinated), fresh diced tomato, basil and sliced mushrooms. And don’t forget the mozzarella!