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Happy Wheat Germ User: Meet Kenji Freedman

Kenji Freedman is a busy guy. This USA cycling elite-level coach is a fitness trainer who runs NuFIT’s personalized fitness and nutrition programs and is also the father of a teenage girl. He recently took a break to share some of the ways he and his daughter eat wheat germ and why they like it so much.

What do you love about wheat germ?

“First off, it’s tasty and crunchy. If it didn’t taste good, I wouldn’t use it. Secondly it’s a great way to add some extra protein to your diet. At four grams of protein per two tablespoons, it’s a great value-added food to your meal. Thirdly, it adds fiber and other nutrients, helps keep you full and helps you control your blood sugar. When I eat it, I stay full longer and feel full of energy. Wheat germ is an enjoyable staple of my training program.”

How do you like your wheat germ?

“My teenage daughter and I both eat wheat germ,” Kenji says. “It finds its way into a number of things we eat. We top our Greek yogurt with it and we also like it mixed in with fresh carrot muffins, breaded baked fish or chicken salad.” Kenji and his daughter also like to treat themselves to a “well-deserved” bowl of ice cream topped with wheat germ.

What do you tell others about wheat germ?

“I tell my clients to check it out and I offer some suggestions on how to use wheat germ as part of their nutrition programs, both for weight loss and athletic performance,” Kenji says.