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Indoor Workouts to Stay Fit Through the Winter

For many of us, the next few months are looking icy, chilly and wet. Sticking to our New Year’s resolution to exercise regularly is more challenging during the winter. It’s time to find some good indoor workouts when walking, running and bicycling are out of the question.

We talked to both experts and enthusiasts for some ideas and found several workouts you can try. No matter what you think your abilities and preferences are, we say: Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. Even the jump rope.

Core Circuit

Whether you are a runner trying to improve your overall strength and flexibility or just entering the world of workouts, USATF-Certified Coach Mike Toomey’s 12-step program is an exhilarating mix of standard calisthenics and isometric exercises that are easy to follow and work your entire body. We love the Superman, which involves curving yourself into a half circle. Print it out and hang it on your refrigerator.

Jump Rope

Did you know that 10 minutes of jumping rope burns up to 135 calories? More important, the workout is all grown up, with more variation and movements that work the arms, legs, chest and torso within one- and two-minute increments. (Ten minutes sounds easy, but it isn’t.) Take the time to size your jump rope properly to your height and get some startup tips here.

Stair Workout

You don’t need the stair step contraption at the gym—use real stairs! If you live in a home with stairs, create a program that offers a great cardiovascular workout. This 15-minute workout from Fitness magazine offers a nice variety of running, walking and lunging moves and suggests power walking up and down the stairs if you need more rest intervals.


The fastest-growing exercise method is also one of the oldest. Modern yoga’s emphasis on core strengthening (building back and abdominal muscles) also embraces good breathing, concentration and endurance. Despite its mysterious name and origins, yoga is brilliantly simple, effective, portable and forgiving. Try learning three or four beginning poses and add a new one each week or month. Check out Yoga Journal for some inspiring articles and starter DVDs.