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Back to School Lunches: Getting Your Kids Involved

Here are plenty of healthy school lunch ideas for kids and when the recipes are easy for kids to help make, the whole family can have fun in the kitchen.

How to Get More Ancient Grains into Your Diet

It’s easy to incorporate nutritious ancient grains like spelt, quinoa, millet, amaranth, and farro into recipes. Try these salads, soups and baked goods.

Make-Ahead Breakfast Ideas

Plan in advance with these tasty make-ahead breakfast recipes; many are easy to prepare and can be stored in the freezer.

Summer Herbs and Wheat Germ: A Delicious Combo

Fresh herbs add incredible flavor to any dish and have health benefits that go beyond added nutrition, plus they work well when paired with wheat germ.

The Joy of Not Cooking

Healthy no-cook recipes are easy to prepare with fresh fruits and vegetables. Enjoy these tasty ideas that include a no-cook recipe for steel-cut Chai Oats.

Smoothie Ideas to Keep It Fresh

Here's how to make healthy smoothies with fresh herbs, nutritional boosts like wheat germ and chia seeds, and healthy fats like nut butters.

Restaurant Chefs Get Creative with Granola

Chefs are getting creative with whole grains in their restaurant kitchens. Using granola in sweet and savory dishes is a trend you can use in your own recipes.

Speed Scratch: Knishes

Knishes make great snacks or hearty meals. This speed scratch version uses Krusteaz pie crust mix to save time, and wheat germ for extra nutrition.

Three Ways to Build a New Dish with Granola

Experiment with granola outside the breakfast bowl to add a nutritious, flavorful twist to desserts, salads and savory dishes.

Have You Gotten Your Granolapalooza On Yet?

We’re having a blast with granola — making our own version with wheat germ, creating fun foods for kids and promoting granola as a perfect food for athletes.