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Fueling Up: Granola for Athletes

Athletes, especially endurance athletes, need complex carbohydrates to fuel workouts. Granola is a nutritious source of carbs, perfect before tough training.

Spring Salad Fever!

Spring is here — so are fresh fruits and veggies like asparagus, beets and strawberries. Get creative with salad-making, and add wheat germ for extra nutrition.

Foods to Boost Your Brain Power

Improve your brain power and energy levels with brain boosting foods like highly-nutritious salmon, oatmeal, olive oil and wheat germ.

Making Granola Fun for the Whole Family

Try these fun, kid-friendly ideas to create healthy breakfasts and desserts using whole grain granola and wheat germ.

Amazing Breakfasts Monday Through Friday

Try these simple and healthy breakfast ideas to start the day right: granola, whole grain hot cereals, cheese and egg tortillas, and salmon on pumpernickel.

Homemade Granola—Don’t Forget the Wheat Germ!

It's easy and healthier to make your own granola. Here are some recipe ideas with fun add-in ingredients like dried fruit, coconut flakes, and toasted nuts.

Don’t Be Fooled: 5 Nutrition Myths Busted

There is a lot of misinformation about carbohydrates, protein, gluten-free and fat-free foods. Here is some sound advice about five common nutrition myths.

It’s Here: Granolapalooza

Celebrate granola! Chefs and entrepreneurs are reinventing this versatile and healthy whole grain snack. Start with our granola recipe and get creative.

What to Eat and Drink When Working Out

A great workout starts with fueling up and hydrating yourself for maximum energy. Here are healthy foods to eat while exercising, and for workout recovery.

Regional Favorites: Southern Foods We Love

Healthier versions of Southern comfort foods are tasty and satisfying: oven fried chicken, grilled shrimp po' boy, wheat germ crab cakes, and key lime pie.