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Famous Wheat Germ Love Affairs

The Kretschmer Wheat Germ brand has been around since 1936. Enjoy this look back at the history of some of our vintage food advertisements.

Why Chocolate and Wheat Germ Go Together

When you think "things that go with chocolate," you might not think "wheat germ." But, this unique food combination is a nutritional and tasty winner.

Heart-Healthy Choices for Everyday Eating

Wondering how to prevent heart disease? Replacing bad fats with good fat foods like salmon and avocados and eating whole grains are great places to start.

Good Eats for Super Bowl Sunday

Try these healthy Super Bowl party foods — from vegetarian chili to mini-meat loaves; our party food is more nutritious with wheat germ. Enjoy the game!

Stuffed Baked Potatoes for Dinner Tonight!

Incorporating healthy dinner ideas is easy when you look to the potato. Try our baked potato toppings or create your own recipe.

Our Five Favorite Winter Vegetables

Here are some fresh and tasty ideas for how to use our favorite winter veggies: beets, cabbage, carrots, kale, and potatoes.

The Truth Behind Successful Weight Loss

Learn how to lose weight — and keep it off — with these healthy weight loss tips for men and women.

Swapping Snacks for Better Nutrition

Looking for healthy snack ideas? Our chart shows you how to swap less healthy snacks for more nutritious ones.

Indoor Workouts to Stay Fit Through the Winter

These at-home workout ideas will keep you moving through the winter and any time of year: core circuit, jump rope, stair workout, and yoga.

Wheat Germ Usage and Substitution Chart Is Here!

Our usage and substitution guide explains how to use wheat germ in making recipes healthier and compares foods to show the nutritional benefits of wheat germ.