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The Truth Behind Successful Weight Loss

Eat less.

Exercise more.

Any questions?

Actually, there are many layers and dimensions to “successful” weight loss. And it’s a serious issue, especially for those whose health, and sometimes even life, depends on shedding pounds.

So what are some words of wisdom that might help you on your way to getting fit and eating healthier?

Losing weight requires effective and easy methods of changing habits, increasing good foods and decreasing poor choices. And as far as exercise goes, the biggest success stories come from people who choose the workout that is right for them, not the newest fad at the gym. Here are other points to consider:

1. Each and every weight loss program must be tailored to the individual. Consider all the literature you read as guidelines, not gospel. Take advice from professionals such as your doctor and sports trainer, but you are the one who must understand what will work best for you.

2. Weight loss is a mental process. Your brain is both your greatest ally and worst enemy; working with the positive forces of thought and imagination is a critical key to success. Look at techniques such as self-efficacy (positive thinking, recalling past achievements), mindfulness (paying attention as you eat—to flavor, texture, etc.—instead of gobbling in front of your computer) and cognitive therapy (planning more carefully around mealtimes and for overeating triggers) to keep you on a long-term healthy path.

3. Don’t be afraid of new foods—think of them as a taste adventure. Also, don’t assume you have to eliminate everything you love. Liz Della Croce, author of The Lemon Bowl who shed 59 pounds a few years ago, says that red meat can be part of a healthy diet. “Choose lean cuts such as ground sirloin or tenderloin and keep the portion to the size of a deck of cards,” she advises. Then, go meatless a few days of the week and create dishes using affordable sources of protein such as lentils, beans and eggs (many of which can be supplemented with wheat germ, a good source of protein). Della Croce gives a few suggestions from her site to get you started: Slow Cooker Vegetable Curry with Chick Peas and Hearty Vegetable Bean Soup with Greens.

Winning your first round of weight loss is only the beginning. Remember that ongoing support, both on your own and others’, is an important factor in keeping the weight off for good.