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Watching Your Weight at Thanksgiving

First, the bad news. Many of us gain as much as a pound around the holidays - and then never get rid of it.

The good news: There are many ways to keep your eating under control and still enjoy all the wonderful dishes on the holiday table.

Here are our top five Dos and Dont's for a deliciously healthy Turkey Day:


Take a few minutes to explore and appreciate all the delcious dishes on the buffet or table. Then decide which ones you must have. If the answer is "all," then keep them in spoonful-size portions.

Use our suggestions in Real Food, Real Satisfaction - For Weight Loss Success and Healthier Stuffing Variations when making your holiday dishes to cut down on high-sugar and high-fat ingredients. The flavor difference is almost always nonexistent.

Serve your gravy with a spoon instead of pouring it out of a gravy boat. This allows you to be more sparing with this tasty but fat-heavy part of the meal.

Chew slowly and thoroughly. You'e heard this one all your life, but it really works. You will enjoy the texture and flavor of the food if you allow yourself time to really taste it. And by giving your brain time to register a full stomach, which usually takes about 20 minutes, you will eat less.

Get off the couch and move. Experts say that people who stay active during the holidays are much more successful at keeping their weight down. Start the day with a walk; mild excercise after a big meal is also a good idea. We found a 30-minute workout you can literally do in the kitchen after putting the turkey in the oven and setting the table.


Skip breakfast and lunch to "save up" for the big dinner. You will be very hungry and end up eating more than you would have through the course of the day.

Go back for seconds. Chances are your favorites can be packaged up as leftover and may even taste better the next day.

Waste your calories on the ho-hum cheese and crackers while waiting for dinner. Choose the raw, crunchy vegetables instead.

Overdo the alcohol. If you love wine with dinner, switch to a refreshing, sparkling water and lime afterwards. You'll be surprised how tasty it is, and it often helps settle the stomach.

Think that your goal to lose weight is getting in the way of your enjoyment of the holiday. Think of it as a way to help you appreciate each bite of delicious food more fully.